Rizwan Ansari, Civil Judge, Dehradun

Early Life:
I belong from a small village Baseri Khadar under the Tahsil of Laksar in District Haridwar Uttarakhand. My father Mr Yaqub Hasan is a farmer and my mother Ruksana is a house wife . We are six siblings. My father had a very small earning as farmers are dependant on the crops and in asset also there is not more than the land which only give seasonal income. Upto my days at home i used to go in fields and work with my father and from there i realised the hard work and production theory . Since then I started thinking in another way of life and to do something which can help household and the society at large.
upto 10th I remained in village and was learning a little bit English from my Eldest brother who is also an Engineer in Banguluru based multinational company. Brother initially inspired me a lot as to do better in life. Since the primary School till 10th this was Hindi as the medium I was struggling to learn English with the book Titled ‘New Style’.I have completed my High School from my native place in 2005 and thereafter, 10+2 from Senior Secondary School(Boys) in 2007 and B.A.LL.B (Hons) from Faculty of Law,AMU in 2012.

Days in AMU: I have been selected for +2 in AMU and the journey have been started . This was my big dream to be a student of that prestigious institute of international repute. Since i have been a student of Hindi background the very first class lecture has gone bounce on me. I used to keep quiet in class and never try to speak up. On the very admission i took Hindi, Political Science and History as the subjects. I tried to improve my languages English and Urdu in speaking and in writing. For that, i bought diglot books for all subjects and read in both languages. Some how i manage to accommodate with the languages. The golden period of life still i miss are the days of AMU. Being the Alumni of that historical institution itself a matter of pride for me and for my family. Many of my family members including my wife are the Alumni of AMU. Still I Aligarh always virabtes in the heart. It wants to be there, student there forever.

Being Judge: In 2012 i passed B.A.LL.B. and thereafter i went to Delhi for preparation because i could not secured a place for LL.M in Faculty of Law,AMU.
In Delhi i started preparation and also joined a coaching institute.In 2013, i have appeared in interview of Uttarakhand Judicial Services but could secured place in same i appeared in HP Judicial and UP judicial Services Interview and similarly could not get place by small margin. At that stage i realised the pain which an aspirant may feel by consecutive failure from the last point i.e. fall from last point.
But the very famous quote of the Churchil that Success is not final failure is not fatal, this is courage to continue which counts. Has given me courage to achieve the goal besides the fatal failures.
Lastly I got selected in Uttarakhand Judicial Service 2015 Batch with 6th Rank.
For preparation, I focused mostly on self study and gone through the syllabus and previous question papers. It is also needed that aspirants must choose a single source for preparation and must revise it time to time. The development in the field of law should be added.

Rizwan Ansari, Civil Judge Dehradun GB 1643 AMU

September 13, 2020

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